🎉 One Year Anniversary! • Pi Day or Pie Day?

Come visit our Bakery on 3.14, March 14th, and help celebrate our anniversary with $25 LARGE pies!! That’s over 35% OFF!

Fresh baked pies in Everett, WA

Visit us 9:00am – 4:00pm, Wednesday – Sunday

Definition of a Bakery

When I Google the definition of a bakery I see this:

bak·er·y:  bakery; plural noun: bakeries
a place where bread and cakes are made or sold. “delicious aromas wafting from the bakery” baked goods such as bread and cakes. “a table overflowing with homemade bakery and wine”

I love this definition in so many ways the idea of “delicious aromas wafting from Pisces Pies Baking Company” would be so great. One day. Anyway the reason I bring up the definition of a bakery is it seems to come up a lot more in my discussions with other bakers. I am not sure I would call myself a baker yet. Most people define a bakery with the fact that they sell bread. Currently, Pisces Pies baking company only bakes and sells pies, a few cookies, and some Pisces Pieces, but I have a new product coming this fall that I am going to start baking and it is in the bread family. So maybe, Pisces Pies is a “real” Bakery?

We will see!!!

Credits to the image above from Google and Also the Tartine Bakery window in Korea love how beautiful it looks, I would like to have that type of bakery window.