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I was at the bank the other day opening up my new business account for Pisces Pies Baking Company. As I was sitting there (6 feet away of course with plastic between us, plus gloves and mask because of the that ugly virus COVID-19 this will be the only time I mention it on my site.) thinking about how excited I am about starting this business. The banker asked, “Have you always wanted to bake?”

I almost sucked in my mask as I started to laugh so hard! If she would have asked me that 10 years ago I would have made a face about how that was a stupid question.

My dream was to live in New York City, with a penthouse, and Porsche working as a art director at one of the top publishing companies. I was the girl in high school that went to the principles office to argue that Home Economics was a waste of my time and I didn’t understand why it was required. They asked me how I was going to cook for myself and my response, “I will hire a cook!”

Of course life changes, dreams change, and what you wanted and what you worked towards change. I am grateful to be in the Northwest and baking as this path is so exciting as my dreams come true! My plans for posts:

  • Post about recipes I have tried, worked, failed, and quick facts that I find interesting
  • Quick notes about a bakers life
  • Locations and Events Pisces Pies with be available to purchase
  • Many new ideas around baking

Please feel free to ask me questions, comments, or if you want to come bake with me!