Pisces Pies Baking Company offers Pie Parties for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, tea parties, and any other ceremonies or social gatherings! You can pick a theme for your party and Pisces Pies Baking Co with provide the decor, pies, and anything else you might want to set-up.


Having a pie party with the family is the best and you can select what special day you want to have your pies ready.

Pie Display

Pisces Pies will provide a set of display items for your party. If you need plates, cups, napkins, and other party themed decor by request.


Every pie party can select from an assortments of pie flavors. Mix and match with berries, apples, or special requests such as key lime or meringue pies.

Type of Pie Party Pie Quantity Price*
Mini Pie Party (Tea Party) 15 -30 $150 – $300
Corporate Pie Party 30 – 100 $300 – $1000
Wedding Pie Party 60 – 200 $600 – $2000
Specialty Pie Party 15 – 100 $150 – $1000

* Prices only include pies no display items other than the pie boxes with labels and favor tags, there is an additional cost for display items. Pie flavors would include any fruit currently in season, or available to Pisces Pies in the quantities needed to supply the party. Special flavors have an additional fees such as pecan, key lime, lemon meringue and others beyond fruit pies please ask for more information.

Let Pisces Pies help plan your next event, birthday party or wedding!