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Pisces Pies Wedding Shower

It was exciting project and menu that was selected for the wedding shower, and Pisces Pies was up for the task! The menu included Orange-Chocolate-Basil Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Lace toppers (these had candied orange peals), Chocolate Mousse Shot glasses (these had a cookie bottom, rich chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, more chocolate mousse, and shaved dark chocolate tops), and Mini-Fruit Tarts (shortbread crust, rich vanilla cream cheese filling, and a mix of berries, grapes, fresh mint, and other fruits). There was a lot of planning involved with amount of items included 30 each, so I need to make sure I had enough of all the items prior to baking. Finally delivery was added and I needed decide how to transport all of them without damage.

Everything turned out so great and it was fun creating these new bakery items for Pisces Pies! As we are getting closer to summer you can visit us at the upcoming Lake Stevens Farmers Market. If you are interested in getting a estimate for your upcoming events you can submit a contact us form or call anytime!!